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I Like Akashi a bit too much and i ship Akaspa.

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Game of thrones, Hannibal, Frozen, The hunger games, The walking dead, Supernatural

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staggercreek answered your post: Anyone got any series or animes to rec…

How I Met Your Mother

i need something with fewer episodes. thanks for recommending ^.^

fulllbusters answered your post: Anyone got any series or animes to rec…

if it’s tv series, then I’d like to suggest Pretty Little Liars? <: it’s my fave, but so frustrating

i have already watched it, omg yes its so annoying we still dont know who a is sighhh im so close to reading the books but i already spoiler myself haha.

luhffys answered your post: Anyone got any series or animes to rec…

watch game of thrones my child aspa, btw perastika kai kali anastasi ^^

aaa to exw deiiiii kai arxisa na diavazw kai ta vivlia malista. Kali anastasi *.* euxaristwww to kakomoiro oute ena pasxa den mporei na kanei

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Anyone got any series or animes to recommend? please dont send me messages just leave the names in a reply and ill check them out(cries im sick and i have a headache and ughh i just concentrate), im leaving soon and ill go to my other house for easter and propably i wont have internet soooo i need to start downloading things haha. I prefer tv series mostly since i have seen many anime series.?

i have watched game of thrones, orphan black, pretty litttle liars, the walking dead, supernatural, hannibal, revenge, Sherlock and once upon a time

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#joffrey being a seemingly good guy out of context #part 2
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Your wish has been heard loud and clear.

I don’t care what people say when we’re together. I just want it to be you and I forever.

"It’s Sting! Saber’s Sting came out of nowhere to knock out Bacchus, the leader of Quatro Puppy!"


Misaki is red

Fushimi is blue

Totsuka is still dead

And now Mikoto is too

Anonymous: Okay, for some of your edits, the contrast is different/ so like for one gif, let's say a character is wearing a black shirt, you can't see the wrinkles or anything you only see just the color. Is that a setting on photoshop or is it a texture? sorry for bothering you, I just want to know how to do that myself!

nooo you are not bothering me ^.^ ill try to explain as much as i can:

first of all i always put contrast haha. Then i mess with the exposure setting and i usually add offset and gamma correction, i also play with  the curves a lot. Surface blur also helps making your gifs shiny, usually my settings are radius 35 and threshold 10-15. Also gradients many gradients, i love gradients, they are your friends try many blending modes. i usually use a black/brown gradient set to soft light.

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killthedemoninsideyou: Σου αρεσει ο Joffrey?! dfhjgfgh Aσπα... σοβαρολογεις?

naiii…… ma den 3erw exei kati to endiaferon…

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