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"You really look... Nice, now. I like you.
The steamed bun and his Ace-sama (◕◡◕)

W E    W O N

Now I think I need a miracle to make it through.

Signs of pretense like that must be eliminated. I will now give you new names to be called.

Free! ES ep.08 » Shigino Kisumi
"I’m not going to lose! I’m going to win and remain on the court!"

Always skillfully manipulate your chess pieces, and survive.

Hi :3 I was scrolling through tumblr and I found your answered question about knb and the manga~? Why are people so upset about it? m so pissed at knb right now, i dont even care if it ends cuz i wont read it if it continues. its shit. its just shit. in a single moment i 4got what it even meant to me. iv been saving up for knb merch but now i dont care. thank god i already didnt spend money on it. im done with this. All that, what's that all about? o.o

the rakuzan vs seirin match ended todayy and i guess people are not happy with the results or with just the whole arc, i have many reasons why i started dislike the latest arc tbh.

omg noo ;__; what happened with the manga? i'm a big fan of the anime and i've been planning to read the manga. did something happen with it or something?

the match between seirin and rakuzan ended, you should read the manga its amazing until some part hhaha, i dont want to spoil u.

what happened with the knb manga?

rakuzan vs seirin ended and some people including me are not happy with the result(well the whole arc was shitty in my opinion)

hi hi hi hi what's the name of the anime with the bicycles

hiii, i dont remember reblogging any bicycle anime but i know that there is one called yowamushi pedal

hii, can you again poot that beautiful sound which used to be in your blog? c:

hiii!! do you mean the music i had in the past on my blog? idk if you want me to put it on my blog or just give you the name, unfortunately i wont put it again because it doesnt match with my current theme. the name = the mystery of flamingos, the arrival of the birds if i remember well~

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